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8 ways on How to earn money from Facebook!

Earning money from Facebook is not that surprising. There are plenty of methods to earn money from Facebook. Some methods are very easy and some are somehow difficult for beginners. But practice makes a man perfect. So, not wasting time let’s go directly to the article “How to earn money from Facebook and discuss some of the efficient ways to earn from Facebook.

How to earn money from Facebook! Facebook Instance article is the solution.

What is a Facebook instance article:

Facebook instance article is the new way of publishing your whole content on Facebook which loads faster than the web content. Due to its fast loading capability users are more engaged with instance articles. Hence it creates an opportunity for earning.

How to earn money from Facebook instance article

There are few things needed to start earning from the Facebook instance article.

  • First of all, you need a Facebook page to publish your articles. It’s very simple to create a Facebook page.
  • Facebook instance article plugin
  • RSS Feed
  • A blog

Note: Your Facebook page should be a minimum of 3 months old and it should contain at least 10 articles as mentioned by Facebook. But I recommend you writing 15 fresh articles before applying for a Facebook instance article. How many page likes do you have or how many users daily visit your page, does not matter at all for Facebook instance article approval.

Once these things are ready, apply for the Facebook instance article and start earning.

Earn money from Facebook with the affiliate program

If you have a Facebook profile, a page, or a group you are ready to go. There are thousands of platforms that provide affiliate programs to their users. Most likely Amazone is one of them. By joining an affiliate program you can promote your affiliate product links through your Facebook profile, page, or group. Once viewers make any purchase through your affiliate link you will receive a good commission depending upon the product you are promoting. Affiliate marketing is a reliable method of earning money online.

There are mainly two ways of promoting your products on Facebook.

  • Direct way: You can directly promote your product on Facebook or
  • Indirect way: You can redirect the users to your affiliate marketing blog.

Earn money from Facebook apps

If you are a technical guy this is for you. We see there are plenty of Facebook apps created every day. They are some fun apps, games, music apps, etc. And users really try those apps for entertainment purposes and they are very demanding these days. By creating one such app one can earn a huge amount of money through ads. People are earning lots of money by this method.

Sell your Facebook page

If you have a Facebook page with lots of followers on a particular niche you can earn by selling your page. Thus, you can create another and generate more revenue. But gaining followers is not easy. If you work hard, post content regularly, use google ads to promote your page you can achieve this milestone. If you have one successful page you can promote your new pages on it to make other pages popular.

Sell services through Facebook and earn money

Are you skilled in photo editing, video editing, content writing, web designing, digital marketing, or data entry excel works? Great! You can promote your services through Facebook and earn passive income.

Earn money through the Facebook marketplace

Have you heard about the Facebook marketplace before? If not, no need to worry. Facebook marketplace is a platform created by Facebook where buyers and sellers interact. Registered yourself and sell anything. You can even sell some used products of good quality also.

Sell courses on Facebook

If you have good knowledge of something you can take courses on them and can sell them. There are so many digital courses present. And students are actually purchasing them. Make the best course, publish it to your targeted audience and start earning. If you take courses on some specific topic where limited resources are there, you can easily grab the reader’s attention.

Earn money through Adsense

Do you own a blog with AdSense approval? You can send huge traffic to your blog by sharing your blog articles through Facebook pages or groups and earn huge revenue. Almost every blogger applies this strategy. Every time you are posting new articles to your blog, do share them as well on Facebook pages, groups.

Conclusion: We have shared few methods to earn money from Facebook. If you try these methods definitely you will get results no matter if you are a beginner or intermediate. Set your goals and gear up to achieve those.

Thank you for reading the article till the end. Please visit our blog frequently for other earning-related updates. Signing Off

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