best part time job for students in india

Best Part-Time Jobs For Students In India in 2023

Starting a part-time job during college study is quite useful for students nowadays. At least 50-60 percent of college students in India have opted to work part-time in India and the number is growing day by day. The advancement of internet-based services has added ease in taking a part-time job for students. The Digital revolution has increased the exposure to a new field of part-time work of college students. The number of students taking a part-time job is increasing at a good pace it is useful to students, especially college students in three major ways.

Firstly it gives financial freedom. The earnings from this type of part-time work can give you the ability to celebrate your financial freedom.

Secondly, you can save some money and make capital for your future study or higher study.

Thirdly it will boost your skill. If you take your future profession your part-time work, it will give you practical ideas about your future profession. It will work as the buffer zone between your study and your profession. By the time you graduate, you will find you somewhat matured in your profession.

Here is a pick for you from the best part-time jobs for students in India that you can opt for easily and start at your convince without affecting your study.

Joining a taxi service: Best part time jobs for students

Demand for Taxi or cab services is growing in small towns and cities along with metros at the same pace. Taxi services like Ola and Uber pay on regular basis and at the same time pay a good amount. Although none wants to choose to be a driver as a career, at the same time it is also a truth many people are working in taxi services as a full-time driver. If you own a driver’s license, Working in a cab service as a driver can offer you a good earning per month. You can earn up to 40-50 K per month just by driving a cab. Driving in a taxi hiring service provides you the flexibility of working. You can work at your convenience hence we consider it as the best part time jobs for students in India.


If anyone has a bike and driver’s license and if you live in a small town, city, or metro, then Rapido might be the best part-time job for  students in India. Rapido is a bike hiring service where you can pick up people and drop them at the location and earn just for that. Like Ola or Uber, Rapido also provides you with flexibility, payment, and a good amount of commission per ride. Rapido also pays incentives on regular basis. You can start working in the Rapido riding service by registering yourself in Rapido as a rider. Anyone can earn at least 20-30K per month working part-time as a Rapido rider.

Food delivery agent:

Working as a food delivery agent is the most demanding, most convenient part-time job for college students. Food delivery services like Swiggy, Zomato, Uber eats pay a good amount of commission per delivery plus incentives on regular basis. To start working a part-time job in a food delivery service, you will need a smartphone and a bike, and a driving license. Food delivery services pay on regular basis. It pays commission per delivery and incentives when the target is fulfilled. College Students earn 15-25K per month working part-time as food delivery agents in Swiggy, Zoomatoo, or UberEats.

Teaching: Start teaching as a part time

Teaching is the most convenient and best part-time job for college students in India. If you want to work as a tutor (ie teacher) in the future, then part-time teaching while you are doing graduation or post-graduation would be the best choice for you. It will enrich your teaching skills, make you ready for your future profession, and refresh your knowledge and at the same time, it would provide you with a good amount of money. There is a scarcity of good teachers everywhere. People are willing to pay well to tutors. You can start tutoring the students below your standard and earn at your ease. For example, if you are doing graduation in physics, then you can start tutoring the students of sixth to the tenth standard for physics or science. One bonus in tutoring is that this part-time job will offer you some respect and fame as well. Working as a tutor as a part-time job would require you some teaching skills. Anyone can earn up to 50K just by doing tutoring as a part-time job.

Smartphone repairing:

The number of smartphones is increasing day by day. Since digital India is promoting and encouraging people to use smartphones, the smartphone market is growing at a good pace. on the other hand, the price of smartphones is getting high day by day. people are preferring to repair their smartphones with minor problems instead of throwing them in the garbage boxes. So there is a lot of scope in the smartphone repairing market. If you have at least some interest in smartphone and smartphone-related works, then working as a smartphone repairing mechanic can help you earn a lot during your college study as part-time work. Also, you can channelize your smartphone repairing skills into a full-time source of earning in the future. All you need to run your smartphone repairing part-time business is the fundamental knowledge of smartphone repairing. You can gain fundamental knowledge about smartphone repairing from free sources like youtube or you can do a short-term repairing course. Smartphone repairing is one of the best part-time jobs for college students in India.

It is worth mentioning that all these part-time jobs for college students are not very much time-consuming. At first, you might need to invest some time to gather your initial client, but once you catch the rhythm, this above-mentioned part-time job will turn out as the best part-time job for college students in India. Again, part-time jibs like mobile phone repairing need some initial one-time investment. But don’t worry. These investments don’t cost too high.

Well besides, there are some online ways to earn money for students in India. You can check out our article 6 Ways on How to earn money online in India as a student

Online Surveys and Microtasks

Earn Rewards in Your Spare Time

Participating in online surveys and microtasks can be an enjoyable way to earn some extra money during leisure time. Numerous platforms offer rewards or cash for completing surveys or small online tasks, making it a convenient option for students.

Retail Jobs

Develop Customer Service Skills

Working in retail exposes students to customer service, sales, and inventory management. It can help them improve their interpersonal skills and learn how to handle various customer needs and inquiries.

Photography and Videography

Capture Moments, Earn Money

For students with a passion for photography and videography, offering services for events, weddings, or businesses can be a fulfilling part-time job. It allows them to showcase their creative talent while earning a supplemental income.


Bridging Language Barriers

Students proficient in multiple languages can explore part-time opportunities as translators. Translating documents, content, or assisting in communication between parties can open doors to diverse experiences.

Social Media Management

Leveraging Digital Skills

With the rise of social media, businesses are seeking students to manage their online presence. Students with expertise in social media can find part-time opportunities to create content, engage with the audience, and strategize digital marketing campaigns.

Fitness Instructor

Combine Passion with Earning

For students passionate about fitness and sports, becoming a fitness instructor can be an enjoyable and rewarding part-time job. It allows them to stay active while helping others lead a healthy lifestyle.

Event Staffing

Work During College Events

Many colleges organize events and functions throughout the academic year. Students can apply for event staffing roles to work during these occasions, which provides not only a financial benefit but also an opportunity to actively participate in campus activities.


Is it possible to run a part-time job with study?

Ans- Yes, people are doing studies even with full-time jobs.

Can part-time jobs be turned into full-time jobs?

Ans- Yes! If you enjoy your part-time job, it can obviously be your full-time job in the future.

Does a part-time job affect study?

Ans- It depends upon the way you handle your work or study.

How much can be earned from a part-time job?

Ans- Depending upon your skill, you can earn up to 50k.

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