You are currently viewing 5 Free Web Hosting Sites in India in 2022! (Free For LifeTime)

5 Free Web Hosting Sites in India in 2022! (Free For LifeTime)

Free web hosting sites are for beginners. Why so? Well, there is some limitation with free web hosting sites which you can not overcome without purchasing their paid hosting plans. If you are a complete beginner and just started towards the virtual world of web, the free web hosting sites in India is the perfect option for you.  You can use these sites for learning purposes and once you become professional you can shift to any of the paid hosting services of your choice.

Lots of intermediate bloggers also seem to be using these free hosting sites for testing purposes.

Let’s directly discuss what are those free web hosting sites in India in 2022 and what features they provide in their free plans.

5 Best Free Web Hosting Sites in India in 2022:

Here we present the list of the 5 best free web hosting sites in India

  • 000WebHost
  • InfinitFree
  • Wix
  • AwardSpace
  • FreeHosting

000WebHost: Best Free Web Hosting Sites

free web hosting sites

000WebHost claims itself to be the leader of all free web hosting sites. Well, that is true. They have been continuously providing their services for the last 10 years.

000webhost is a lifetime free web hosting site and does not require any credit/debit card information while signing up.

With their free plan, you will get a subdomain of extension. If you have a custom domain name you can undoubtedly connect your website to it.

There are an immense no of things you can do with 000webhost free plans like

  • You can create your personal website
  • WordPress Blogs
  • School/College projects.
  • Small e-commerce store

It is one of the best free platforms to learn to code since it supports multiple programming languages like PHP, Mysql, Javascript, etc.

Features with 000webhost free plan:

All the basic needed features are added to the free plan

  • 1 Website
  • 300 MB disk space
  • Limited bandwidth up to 3GB
  • Cloudflare protected nameservers
  • 99% uptime guarantee
  • 1 FTP account
  • 1 database

Considering all these features, and the quality service offered, we keep 000WebHost as our first choice.

InfiniteFree Free web hosting: 

infinitefree web hosting

InfinteFree is a free web hosting site with unlimited disk space and bandwidth. For the past 9 years InfiniteFree hosting dominating the free web hosting market with around 400000 websites hosted on it.

It is considered as fastest free web hosting site with 99.9% uptime.

InfinitFree free Hosting Features:

  • Unlimited disk space
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 400 Mysql databases
  • Free SSL on all domains
  • Free DNS service
  • Free Subdomain names

InfiniteFree is a lifetime free web hosting plan with the facility to add your own custom domain.

Most importantly, Infinitefree hosting does not run ads on your live website.

Wix: Website builder with free hosting

wix-free hosting sites

Wix is a website builder allowing you to host your website free over a Content Delivery Network(CDN).

Features that come in Wix Free web hosting Plan:

  • Awesome web templates
  • com subdomain
  • 500 MB disk space
  • 500 MB bandwidth
  • Global CDN
  • Free SSL with web security

Moreover, you can enjoy the e-commerce facility in your free plan also.

One drawback of Wix is that ads run on your website in the free plan. And whenever you want to move your site from the Wix subdomain to your custom site, you have to pay for it.

AwardSpace :

awardspace free hosting

Awardspace is considered the pioneer of free web hosting sites. You can see a lot of features available with the free plan itself.

Awardspace free web hosting features:

  • 100% ads-free
  • 5 GB Bandwidth
  • Instant account activation.
  • 9% uptime
  • 1000 MB disk space
  • Full Mysql database support.
  • PHPMyAdmin
  • 24/7 support

You can host up to 4 websites in Awardspace hosting. Most importantly CMS installer. You can install CMS like WordPress, Openkart, Megento with one click.

Being ad-free, it is one of the best free web hosting sites for a lifetime.


freehosting provides hosting packages with is perfectly suitable for WordPress blog, Internet forums, etc. Their free web hosting can handle up to 30000  visitors in a day.

Top Features available with the free plan:

  • 10 GB storage
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • 1 website
  • 1 email account
  • 1 Mysql database

One drawback of is that they do not provide subdomains.

Conclusion:  As we have already discussed above that free web hosting sites in India are only for beginners and can be used for testing and learning purposes. You can fully take the benefit of free resources from these hosting providers and can enhance your knowledge. If you want to create your professional website, then definitely you should go for the paid hosting services. There are plenty of cheap hosting providers in India. You can choose one of them according to your budget and requirement and start creating your website.

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