how to earn money online in india for students

Best Tips on How To Earn Money Online In India For Students 2023

Being a student, you might always wonder to earn some penny side by side of your study. But you might not have enough time or capital to make some extra money. But don’t worry! We have some good news for you.  In this era, if evolving internet technology, earning money online in India for students is no more a big deal. You can earn a handsome amount monthly and in most cases on daily basis to meet your daily expenses sitting on your study table, lying on your couch, or even while playing games. All you need is a little bit of patience at first, secondly an internet connection and a device like a smartphone or a laptop. Plus, if you have an active hobby, it would be easier to convert your hobby to some earning easily. Here are the top ways on how to earn money online in India for students.

Gaming: Popular method to earn money online in India for students

As evolvement of smartphone gaming along with social media and streaming platforms, gaming has become a popular source of income in India a well all over the world. There are two ways to earn money online for students in India by gaming. One is to play money-making games directly. Some examples of these types of games are Dream11, My11circle, etc. Another way to earn money online in India for students by playing games is live streaming your games. You can Livestream your game playing online on youtube, Facebook, or another streaming platform to earn some money. People have taken gaming even as their full-time source of earning and earning in six digits monthly. Game streamers like Mortal, Carry are an example of gamers in India who earns Millions by game streaming. To be successful in in-game streaming, you will need some expertise in gaming skills. Besides a little bit of sense of entertainment will work as a catalyst in your earning from gaming.

Youtube: Easiest way to earn money online for students

The emergence of the mobile internet has brought a revolution in the field of social media. Video streaming platforms like youtube have reached their peak level of growth. Youtube is no more a tool for passing your time. Rather it has become a source of both part-time and full-time income for many of us. Youtube has grown as a source of earning money online for students in India online. All you need is to kickstart your youtube journey by creating your youtube channel which is as easy as creating a Facebook account online. You can make your youtube journey better if you have a hobby. You can showcase your hobby on your channel worldwide. Again having no hobby or not being able to show your hobby is not a minus. You can upload videos on any theme or topic on youtube. Once your channel gets noticed by the internet community or once your channel picks the pace, it will start earning for you. Youtubing is the most preferred source to earn money online in India for students.

 Blogging: Earn money online while studying

The Digital revolution has contributed to the emergence of many new fields of the profession for students. Blogging is another source of earning income online in India for students. Blogging on the most popular platforms is completely free. You can open your blogging sites on free and popular platforms like Bloggers, WordPress as a beginner. Later as you got the expertise, you can also upscale your blogging sites. You can post your ideas, thoughts, showcase your skills in the form of articles in blogs. If your English is not so good, you need not worry. You can post your article in any language including Hindi in your blogs. Once your blogs grow, you can convert your blogs into earnings by linking them with google Adsense or linking with other affiliate programs. This will generate revenues for you. Later you can convert your blogs as your full-time source of income. Blogging is the most demanding way to earn money online in India for students.

Teaching online:

If your academic is good, you enjoy teaching or you want to take teaching your profession, then teaching can be a good source to earn money online for you. It will upscale your teaching skills side by side by enriching your teaching skills. Wondering how teaching can happen online or how you can step forward in online teaching? Don’t worry. There are plenty of ways. Firstly you can approach your nearby students to learn from you. You can teach your students by using platforms like google meet or Microsoft team. Again if you have little skills in making videos, you can record your classes and post them on youtube by creating your educational youtube channel. Once your youtube channel grows, it will generate revenue for you. You can engage yourself as an educator in online teaching platforms like Udemy, Unacademy, etc. If you have skills in making digital notes, you can post your notes in the form of blogs. For those, who have an interest in teaching or those who enjoy teaching, bringing this skill online to students is a good way to earn money online for students in India.

Facebook communities: Earn money online for students without investments

Facebook communities are also growing as a source of earning money online for students in India. It is very much easy to grow your Facebook community by making groups or starting a page. Once your community is grown or if you have an active Facebook community, then you can convert your community for monetary profit by sharing affiliated products with your community. You can use this community directly as a marketing platform for those who need marketing assistance.

 Selling services: Earn money online in India as a student

Not but least, you can directly sell your services online if you have active skills like photo and video editing, article writing, drawing, revising, etc. You can sell your marketing skills to people in need. selling skills or services online is one of the fastest-growing ways to earn money online for students in India.

There are countless students who have utilized their skills, hobbies, and expertise to earn money online to fund their future studies. Students are utilizing their online earnings as secondary support for their families. Some have taken online earning as a full-time source of income. Youtube has created many young millionaires in India. Students have achieved both fame and money by gaming and showcasing their gaming skills on youtube, Facebook, or other streaming platforms. If they can, you too can. All you need is to start your journey to earn money online. Who knows you can be the next millionaire from online earning. Good luck with your success.


  • How much time does it take to earn money online?

Ans: It depends. Your earning platform needs to be matured at first to start earning for you.

  • What is the best way to earn money online?

Ans: Depends upon your skill. Youtube is supposed to grow fast.

  • Can I be a millionaire overnight?

Ans: Not impossible. Example exists.

  • Is it possible to earn while studying?

Ans: yes. Of course!

  • Who can earn online?

Ans: Anyone with patience.

  • What is the investment to earn money online?

Ans: Minimum requirement is a smart device with internet, active skill, and patience.

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