Actress Jaya Prada’s Shocking Legal Woes: Six Months in Jail and a Hefty Fine Unveiled Amidst Theater Ownership Controversy!

Esteemed actress Jaya Prada has encountered legal difficulties. Reports indicate that she has been sentenced to a six-month prison term by the Egmore Court in Chennai. Furthermore, Jaya has been directed to pay a fine of Rs 5,000 in relation to a petition submitted by the employees of a theater she owns in Rayapeta, Chennai. Although she holds ownership, the cinema’s day-to-day operations are overseen by locals named Ram Kumar and Raja Babu. These individuals have also been found culpable for neglecting to fulfill ESI payments owed to the theater staff.

The situation reportedly arose due to the theater management’s inability to fulfill their ESI obligations. Consequently, they turned to the Chennai court for resolution. Allegedly, Jaya had committed to settling the outstanding dues and sought the court’s intervention for the case’s dismissal. The theater in question has been subsequently closed. The ESI deductions from employees’ wages remained unpaid, and it seems these funds were not even remitted to the Government Insurance Corporation.

As per reports, The Labour Government Insurance Corporation proceeded with legal action against Jaya Prada despite her plea. Adding to her predicament, the court rejected her plea, imposing fines and imprisonment. Jaya’s legal team is yet to release a statement regarding this issue to the media.

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Jaya Prada is a prominent actress known for her remarkable career in both Hindi and Telugu cinema. She gained prominence during the ’70s, ’80s, and early ’90s, making her mark with the film “Sargam” in 1979. Her filmography includes notable titles like “Kaamchor” (1982), “Tohfa” (1984), “Sharaabi” (1984), “Maqsad” (1984), “Sanjog” (1985), “Aakhree Raasta” (1986), “Elaan-E-Jung” (1989), “Aaj Ka Arjun” (1990), “Thanedaar” (1990), “Maa” (1991), and various other projects.

During the peak of her acting career, Jaya transitioned into politics, leaving behind her film profession. She joined the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) in 1994 and subsequently held positions as a Rajya Sabha and later a Lok Sabha member. In 2019, she joined the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Her most recent film appearance was in the Telugu movie “Suvarna Sundari” in 2019. Additionally, she starred in the Hindi film “Rajjo” in 2013.

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