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How to earn money as blogger in 2023? (Practical ways)

Blogging is the most amazing way of earning money online you have ever read. Probably you have come across several blogs on how to earn money online, I can assure you that among them blogging is the most amazing, efficient way of earning money online. There are plenty of methods to earn from a blog. Here in this article, I’ll discuss step by step how to earn money as blogger and lastly how to create an awesome blog both the free and paid method.

Blogging has gained popularity rapidly in the last few years. Now, in 2021 everyone knows that there is something called blogging and one can surely earn from it as a party time or as a full time.

There are mainly four types of bloggers.

The Party time professional blogger: This type of blogger generally works in their part-time to accelerate their monthly income.

The Hobbyist Blogger: They are so passionate about writing that they write articles for their own interest and publish them to reach the audience without thinking of earning.

The full-time Professionals/Entrepreneur: Blogging is the primary source of income for these bloggers. They invest all of the hours in blogging only.

How to earn money as blogger overnight? Earning money through blogging is not overnight. It requires lots of patience, hard work, and consistency. Once you learn how to handle this three you can become a successful blogger. Well, we will discuss how much a blogger can earn in a month and what are the ways.

Top 5 ways on how to earn money as blogger are discussed below:

Google Adsense: Best method on how to earn as blogger

Google Adsense is considered one of the easiest ways to earn money from blogging. As a beginner blogger, you should try Google Adsense first. The earning from google Adsense is recurring.  Once, you got AdSense approval you can earn a huge income through it. The more traffic your blog has, the more you can earn.

Getting Google AdSense approval is not that easy task for beginner bloggers. You should consider the below-mentioned requirements before applying for Google AdSense approval.

  • A Blog: To become eligible for google Adsense you must have a blog, once you have successfully designed your blog you are one step closer to google Adsense approval.
Note: Your blog should be a minimum of 6 months old to be eligible for Google Adsense though there are no such criteria mentioned.
  • Articles: Publish at least 15th fresh articles before applying to AdSense. Do not copy other’s Copy content will never rank on google. There are several free tools like Small SEO tools, Grammarly, DupliChecker to check plagiarism of your content.
  • Traffic: Drive organic traffic from google search results. Your blog should have daily organic traffic to become eligible for Google Adsense.

Once you fulfill all these criteria, apply for Google Adsense. Place your ad codes within your blog post to show them to the viewers.  There are a lot of tutorials on the internet that will guide you on how to place ad codes in your articles.

Google AdSense is a CPC(cost-per-click) ads network.

Once a visitor clicks on ads shown by Google Adsense then you will receive the CPC value set by the advertiser. The more visitor you have in your blog, the more click and thus more earning.

One of the best alternatives for Google Adsense is If you are continuously trying but failed to get google AdSense approval, then surely you can go for You can easily get the approval there.

Affiliate marketing: Earn money from blogging

By inserting affiliate links in your blog, you can earn passive income. Advertising other’s products in your blog for the commission is mostly known as affiliate marketing and it is the most trending earning way from blogging.

How does an affiliate link work:

Let’s suppose you made an agreement with a company

  1. They will provide you a link to the product you want to promote.
  2. Publish the link in your blog
  3. If the viewers buy the products from your link, you will receive a good commission.

Thus, the revenue depends on the number of sales your affiliate link receives.

Almost every hosting provider provides an affiliate program. The commission receive from Web Hosting companies is very good.

India’s one of the top blog ShoutMeLoud earns more than $100000 in a year from affiliate marketing.

We consider Affiliate marketing as one of the highest-earning ways on how to earn money as blogger.

Sponsorship: Link collaboration with other brands

Is your article ranking on google? Are you receiving sponsorship offers? Well, it’s the best way to earn from blogging through sponsorship.

Brands will contact you for sponsorship offers. You need to list their products in the article for that they will pay money. On the other hand, you can approach brands by yourself through professional sponsorship mail.

Whenever you are running Google ads in your blogs, sometimes you do not have control over the ads. In that scenario, most bloggers choose not to display google ads since sometimes it annoys the reader. In that case, sponsorship is the best way to earn money from blogging.

Through a single sponsorship, you can earn more than $300.

Sell Digital products: Earn from blogging through Digital Product selling

Selling digital products through your blog could be the best earning way for someone on how to earn money as blogger.

You might be thinking about what kind of digital products you will sell.

Well, we see lots of bloggers are selling ebooks, online courses, and earning millions per annum.

Create your own course in the field of your expertise and sell them in your blogs. There is a lot of newbies who are seeking knowledge and they actually prefer this type of course.

There are some other digital products you can sell through your blog:

  • Training course.
  • Consulting services
  • Coaching services
  • Video editing course / Photo editing courses.
  • Cooking recipes
  • Workout courses
  • Diet plans
Note: Before selling digital products on your blog, try to create your own branding first.

These are the most proven ways on how to earn money as blogger. No doubt there are some other methods also but we consider these as the top 5 ways to earn from a successful blog.

 How to earn money as blogger? Guide to create your first blog

There are paid as well as free methods for creating a blog. If you are a complete beginner I would recommend you to go for the free method before investing money. Intermediate bloggers can shift to WordPress for more revenue. Since there is no other better way than WordPress for blogging.

Free method for creating an earning blog:

Blogger: It’s a free method for creating a blog

Paid method for creating a blog:

WordPress: It is a paid method for creating a blog with lots of advanced features. is a platform provided by Google where you can create your own blog and link to your custom domain(optional). But, when it comes to development and user-friendliness there is some certain limitation which can not be fulfilled in In that case, you have to move to WordPress. WordPress is a framework where you can create your awesome blog websites. There are thousands of free as well as a paid templates available in the WordPress store.

WordPress made blogging easy.

I have listed out the costing for WordPress as well as for :


Domain pricing

Hosting pricing


Nill(for custom domain Aprox 500rps)



Aprox 500rps

Starting from 2k or less

Throughout the article, we have tried to cover all possible ways how to earn as a blogger. We have discussed briefly how to make a blog. For more detailed descriptions do check out the below articles.

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