You are currently viewing #8 Best & Top Money Earning Games Online In India in 2022

#8 Best & Top Money Earning Games Online In India in 2022

If you were searching for top money earning games in India, this article will surely help you to find out the best money earning game of your own interest. The Internet has drastically changed the perspective of everything, whether it be the way of meeting new people or it is utilizing our free time. Gaming has occupied a major space in our lives. Earlier people used to spend their free time on playgrounds playing cricket, football, basketball and so on. People used to play cards inside bars or clubs. Again playing ludo was the main part of gaming culture in housewives.

On the other hand, generally, gaming was considered as a tool to utilize free time only. Keeping apart the professional players, there was no scope for other individuals to earn any penny from gaming. But things are changed now. Internet and smartphones have provided everyone a great opportunity to earn at least something by playing games online. Now you can earn at least a good amount of money by doing what you love. You can convert your gaming time by playing games online.

Speaking frankly, there are two core methods to earn money by playing games online. The first method is to convert your casual gaming time into some casual earning. Secondly, you can give online gaming your full time, take it as your profession and make it a way of regular earning by playing games online.

Wherever you belong between the two above categories, Here is a list of the best money earning games in India.

Gaming Platform Our Rating Download Now
Dream 11 5/5 Click Here
My11Circle 5/5 Click Here
Qureka 5/5 Click Here
Ace2Three 5/5 Click Here
Rummy Circle 5/5 Click Here
Junglee Rummy 4/5 Click Here
Gamee Prizes 4/5 Click Here
Loco 5/5 Click Here

Dream11: Best Money earning Games In India


While discussing the best money earning games in India, we have to include Dream11 in our list. In a very narrow time, it has gained so much popularity. Dream11 is an online fantasy gaming platform. This platform gives you a nice opportunity to play online fantasy gaming in cricket, football, hockey, kabaddi, and basketball. Inside the game, you can make your own team using your basic sporting knowledge. Then depending upon the result of the live game, you can win a nice amount of money.

More than 120 million people play their fantasy games on If you have a little knowledge of any of the games available on dream11 then You can start playing your first dream11 fantasy games for just Rs.100. But the most important point to remember is that this game involve financial risks.


  • Easy to use interface
  • Minimal investment of Rs 100
  • Good 24 by 7 customer support


  • Involves financial risks
  • It May be addictive for some people
  • Time-consuming

My11 circle

my11circle earning game

Like, my11 circle is also a fantasy gaming platform that offers an opportunity to convert your gaming knowledge and understanding into some nice earning. Inside My11circle, you just need to make your fantasy team for a live match of cricket or football, hockey or basketball, or many more. Depending upon the result of the live match and performance of your fantasy team and the amount you invest, you can win from some hundreds to some lakhs of the prize. The minimum withdrawal from my11circle is Rs100 and that maximum is Rs2lakhs per attempt.


  • Easy to use interface.
  • Minimum investment of Rs100 only
  • Enjoyable


  • Involves financial risks
  • Maybe addictive
  • Need some smooth knowledge on the games to earn big prizes.

Qureka: Top Money Earning Games In India



If you enjoy solving puzzles and trivia, if you enjoy quizzing, or if you have an interest in brainstorming gaming, Then Qureka is the best platform for you to earn some money by playing games online. Qureka organizes daily quizzes where you can win a good amount of cash prizes without any initial investment. The users can also play quizzes every 30 mins from 9 AM till  9 PM every day and win up to a limit of Rs.60,000 daily. These quizzes are asked from all topics like History, Science, Trending Current Affairs, General Knowledge, Art, Culture, Cricket, Technology, Business, Sports, Food, Politics, Celebs, TV, Mythology, Music, Films, Movies, Literature, Nature, Geography, World and also Social backgrounds.

Also, you can play six fun games like Bubble Shooter, Box Tower, Candy Slash, Don’t Crash, Fruit Slash, and Earth Hero.

Also, you can play six fun games like Bubble Shooter, Box Tower, Candy Slash, Don’t Crash, Fruit Slash, and Earth Hero.


  • Easy to use interface.
  • Boosts your knowledge
  • No initial investment required
  • Relatively less addictive


  • It May Not be interesting to everyone
  • Need little patience to play.



Ace2Three is an online rummy gaming platform. It is one of the best money earning games in India. Its world-class interface provides the players with the opportunity to play rummy card games for cash. If you want to enjoy rummy card games not for cash but for free, then don’t worry. Ace2Three provides rummy card gaming for free also. You can choose your preferred variant of gaming style from 2 to 6 tables or joker or no joker style. Each game lasts for one deal only. Winners can earn a good amount of cash depending upon their entry value and count. The facility of free rummy tournaments is also available.


  • World-class interface
  • Allows flexible variant of games
  • Allows free matches
  • Less time consuming

Rummy circle:

Rummy circle is the largest and most popular online rummy platform in India. The best and the most existing fact about the rummy circle is that this game has the biggest prize pool up to Rs 4 crore. you can download the game for free and register just by paying Rs25 once.


  • World-class interface
  • Real-time players and prizes
  • Real-time players and prizes


  • Need soft knowledge of skills of playing card suits.
  • Need a little patience
  • Highly addictive
  • Involves financial risks

Always remember that earning money by playing games online always requires some skills. Without basic skills in the games, it is tough to earn any penny through playing games online. Also, like every activity involving finance, there are also some financial risks involved in earning money by playing games online. Some online games are addictive also. But it is a great way to make some money by utilizing your free time.

Junglee rummy:

junglee rummy

If you are looking for the most trusted and thrilling rummy games then Junglee rummy could be a good choice. Here you can meet all real Indian rummy players and can huge rewards. The 3-D royal gaming avatars give ultimate satisfaction while playing the rummy games and hence we have added jungle rummy to our list of best money earning games in India Moreover it gives you the opportunity to participate in practice games also before entering into the world of rummy games.


  • 3-D Graphics
  • Smooth controls
  • No bots
  • Super speed network not mandatory


  • Can be addictive

GAMEE Prizes:

gamee prizes

With 70+ different games collection, Gamee prizes allow its users to earn hundreds of dollars in cash rewards. Players can also additionally earn $100 every 4 hours by participating in the  Lucky Games for free. Players can enjoy games like arcades, quizzes, and new games which are added every month.


  • Enjoy multiples games
  • Easy to earn money


  • The app may be a little slow


loco money earning game


While discussing the top money earning apps in India we can not exclude loco from our list. With a 4.2 google play store rating, Loco is the best money earning app in India allowing its users to stream live gaming, participate in esports tournaments, and many more and can earn real money.

In Loco players can create their own gaming community by live streaming and can earn a very good amount of money.


  • Players can enjoy multiple games
  • Most trusted online earning game


  • Can be very addictive



Frequently asked Questions(FAQ):

1. Is it possible to earn money full-time through online gaming?

Ans: Yes! But it requires time and skills. It is better to start part-time and gradually shift to full-time.

2. Is online earning taxable?
Ans: yes! Online earning is taxable.

3. Is it legal to play rummy online?
Ans: Illegal in some regions. Refer to your local laws.

4. Is online gaming risk-free?
Ans: Nothing involving financial activity is risk-free. Play at your own risk.


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