best refer and earn app in india

Best refer and earn app in India

Hi, dear Netizens, if you are here in any way, it means like thousands of people hovering on the internet, you are also searching for some apps or platforms that offer opportunities to earn some pennies by referring to their products. There are many apps available that offer some nice side income just by referring to their apps. These refer and earn app in India are very easy to use and most of the time we use them day in daily life.

In the case of refer and earn app in India, in most cases reward is transferred instantly. In some cases, the income comes directly in the form of cash. While in some other cases, the income comes in form of coupons that can be redeemed to buy some online product at later times.

Here are some recommendations for you where you can earn a nice amount just by referring and earning.

Google Pay: Best refer and earn app in India

In our list, Google pay or GPay comes in the first position as its referral program is the easiest and smooth. 

In this referral program, you just need to refer to the google pay app with your referral code. When someone joins and performs any transaction using your invitation you get Rs 201 instantly. Also, your partner gets Rs 21. Therefore, we have listed google pay first in our list of best refer and earn app in India as it is the most trusted platform.

Phone pay: Earn up to 250 rupees by refer and earn

Like google pay, phonepay referral program also works in the same way. You just need to download and open your account on phonepay and start referring. For every successful referral, phonepay offers a reward ranging from Rs. 100 to Rs. 250.

Amazon pay

While discussing the best refer and earn app in India, we have to list Amazone pay it our list. Amazon pay is another payment app that offers Rs 50 cashback for every successful referral. In the case of amazon pay, the process is the same as the apps we mentioned earlier. You need to download and sign up for amazon pay. Then you can share your referral link with your friends and family who has not signed up for amazon pay still. When someone joins Amazon pay using your referral code, you get eligible for a reward of Rs 75 in the form of cashback. Also, your friend gets Rs 125 after their first transaction.

Flipkart refferal programe

Flipkart’s referral program is a relatively new but very awesome referral program and hence added in our list of best refer and earn app in India. Flipkart offers a one-to-one referral advantage program. Here you just need to share the link of the Flipkart app to your contacts by WhatsApp, text messaging, and other methods. The reward is offered when someone joins Flipkart using your link and makes their first successful order. The amount of reward here is Rs 100 per successful referral.

Paytm Money: Best refer and earn app for paytm cash

If you are into tradings, Paytm money can be a good option for you as a refer and earn app in India. Paytm money offers a nice referral reward of Rs. 300 per successful referral. When someone comes into the Paytm money app via your invite link, you get Rs 300 as a bonus in your trading account. Paytm money referral program is a win-win referral program where the person who uses a refferal code to join also gets Rs 100 as a reward in their trading account.

Upstox: Best refer and earn Demat account

Upstox is a mutual fund trading app. If you are in trading then the Upstox referral program can be proved to be a very good referral program for you. Upstox offers a relatively high reward for successful referrals which is Rs 600 per successful referral which can be transferred directly into your bank account. You just need to share the link to the app with your contacts and hold on. 

Ysense survey

Ysense survey is a great online tool to earn money by completing interesting surveys. But along with participating surveys, Ysense survey offers a nice referral program to its user. You just need to open your account on Ysense and along with directly participating in surveys, You can start referring to your contacts. Ysense survey is a commission-based referral program where it offers a nice commission of 30%

IIFL Securities

IIFL securities is another best refer and earn app in India. This app is a trading app and it offers users to trade in stocks, mutual funds, and other security markets. You can earn a good amount of cash by just referring your friends, relatives, and other contacts to IIFL securities. After successfully logging in, you just need to go to the reference section and share the referral link with your contacts. When someone joins the platform using your referral link, you get a bonus of Rs. 500 on IIFL securities in the form of a gift card.

Grow: Best refer and earn Demat account

Grow is another well-established platform that offers its users a very healthy environment to invest in various security market items like shares and stocks, mutual funds, gold bonds, etc. If you are a user of Grow app, then you can earn a nice amount of cash by using refer and earn program of this app. Grow is a very good refer and earn app in India. The referral program of Grow is great because it is a two-way referral program. When you invite someone into grow using your referral link, you get Rs 100 as a reward after each successful referral. Also, the person who uses your referral link to join grows also wins Rs 100 as a joining bonus.

Cashkaro: Best refer and earn app without KYC

Cashkaro is an affiliate marketing platform. You can start doing affiliate marketing in this app without any approval for a particular affiliate program. You can start sharing product links directly into your social media pages, groups, and contacts after joining the platforms. Along with doing affiliate marketing, cashkaro offers a very good refer and earn facility for its users. Users can join its referral program by simply sharing its referral links. This app offers a lifetime reward of 10% as a commission. Cashkaro is the best refer and earn in India.

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