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Is domain authority an important ranking factor in SEO?

Every blogger wants to make the SERP better and increase traffic volume on the page. They use multiple tactics to achieve this task.

Some companies use the factor of improving domain authority to get more audience on their website. But do you think that domain authority is related to the google ranking factor?

The term domain authority was first introduced by Moz that helps the users find out the worth of the article and the volume of traffic on it.

Google has its own policies of providing rankings to content. It notes the authenticity of content along with its uniqueness.

These facts are also important to make the domain authority better, but this is not the direct factor to improve the ranking on search engines.

It only tells the worth of your page so the other users can get backlinks for you. Before discussing it in detail, let’s talk about the term domain authority to clear the concepts of readers.

What is domain authority?

Domain authority is the metric that was developed by Moz. It tells the value of a website after calculating multiple facts that can help to improve the DA of a website.

Moz uses a 100-scale matrix that tells the performance of a website. So, visitors can estimate the worth of pages using this scale.

You may just visit: https://www.prepostseo.com/domain-authority-checker to check the domain authority of a website. All Da checkers use the APIs of Moz to provide an accurate result to the users.

It is calculated based on your SEO, content quality, and backlinks. With high domain authority, there are more chances of getting backlinks on the page. 

But when it comes to ranking on Google, it is wrong. Google doesn’t rank the websites upon the domain authority. It is not the factor that is related to google.

You can see some web pages getting good rankings on search engine but has low domain authority. At the same time, some websites have high DA but find it hard to get rankings on search engines.

Is domain authority a competitive factor?

You can take it as a competitive factor where you can compare the ranking of two web pages. Let’s one website have a domain authority of 32 while the other one has 30.

So, the web owners will try to make their pages more authoritative by increasing the factors that can help them improve the value of the page.

Although it is not important for getting better rankings on search engines still it matters a lot.

Users try to get more backlinks with the high authoritative website. And a website with authoritative backlinks is always preferred by a search engine. So, domain authority plays a vital role here.

Why does Domain authority fluctuate?

Domain authority increases or decreases based on numerous factors. Some people add too much content without making them unique.

The DA of the page gets decreased due to this aspect that directly leads to a decrease in traffic. You have to take care of this fact.

Another thing is not uploading content frequently. There is a long list of factors like these that can decrease the value of a page.

Let’s discuss them in detail.

Factors behind domain authority:

To make the DA better, you have to follow the protocols set by Moz. These features can help you improve the worth of the page.

· Making SEO better

SEO is the main factor that helps to improve the DA of a page. You have to use the best keywords in the text.

Moreover, increase the page loading speed so users don’t have to wait long on your page and they can get results instantly.

· Using quality content

Quality is the first thing that visitors look for before going into details. It is necessary to improve the quality of content.

Be exclusive from others so visitors can have a solid reason to visit your page and stay there.

· Getting backlinks

Making SEO better and increasing the quality of content is never enough unless you have quality backlinks for the website.

It is the main reason based on which you can improve the authority of your page. Try to get backlinks that already have high domain authority.

These are the main aspects through which you can improve the domain authority of the page but it is still not a ranking factor.

This term is just used to check the worth of the website with respect to the material available there. Google has its own policies to give rankings to websites.

Final verdict

As some people consider Domain Authority as a ranking factor it is a wrong concept. This fact is just to tell the worth of the page and can be increased by improving the backlinks and SEO of content in the website.

If your domain authority is getting decreased that doesn’t mean your rankings on search engines will be diminished.


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