best bus simulator games for android

Best bus simulator games for android

Simulator games are being popularised day by day. Due to the non-availability of efficient hardware in the android platform, simulator games were not so much popular in the android community. But in recent years, android mobile maker companies have put lots of effort to provide high-quality hardware for android devices. The graphics processing power is at its peak. Along with the hardware, the sophisticated android algorithm and dedicated game developer have put a cherry on the top. Simulator games have now very high-end graphics and a realistic playing experience.

Among various simulator games, bus simulator games are for those who have an interest in driving and want to take a taste of multiple driving experiences in diverse environments. Here is a list of top best bus simulator games for android for driving enthusiastic

Bus simulator Indonesia: Best bus simulator games for Android


Bus Simulator Indonesia is the top-rated bus simulator game listed in the Google play store. The game is relatively large that is approximately 900 Mb (867 MB as of now.) average rating for this game is 4.4 stars. The game has almost 50 million plus downloads in the google play store making it the best bus simulator games for android.

Bus Simulator Indonesia is a highly realistic bus simulator game. The graphics quality of this game is very high. You can take a taste of various routes and maps with the Indonesian environment around you. The game is not limited to driving a bus only. As a versatile driver, you can even get out of your bus, do various activities like playing football, explore places, take refreshments,s and so on. You can also enjoy a dedicated tour mode in this game. The sounds and visuals are practical and realistic.

Coach bus simulator

coach bus simulator

This graphic-rich bus simulator game is available on the Play store to download for free. The game is about 110 Mb in size. The game has a rating of 3.9 stars and crossed 10 million plus downloads on the play store. The graphics of this game is very much neat and clean. high-quality graphics, neat and clean interface, and easy gameplay make this bus simulator game more enjoyable and one of the best bus simulator games for android. The game is produced by the famous gaming brand Ovidiu pop. The most interesting part of this bus simulator game is that you can perform various activities like hiring drivers, managing your companions, helping other buses on the route, etc.

The game features an open world map. You can customize your bus according to your wish you can write anything on the side of the buses in this game. An intelligent traffic management system makes this more interesting. You can even select your favorite route and play this game in multiplayer mode with your friends.

Bus simulator – original

bus simulator original

Another best bus simulator game in android for the old-school players. This very addictive bus simulator game is again produced by Ovidiu pop. This is one of the oldest bus simulator games in the gaming community. In 2015 the game was launched by ovilex. The gameplay, graphics, and controls on this game are very smooth. This game is available in the google play store. It has a rating of 3.8 stars and more than 50 million plus downloads on the google play store. The size of the game is relatively low that is 318 MB.

This game features a realistic environment with lots of realistic maps, open and close buttons for doors, and animated people entering and exiting buses. There is a free ride mode inside the game allowing you to customize your riding weather making this game more exciting. you can challenge your online game friends making its gameplay more interesting.

Bus simulator Indian bus game

best bus simulator games for android

Bus simulator Indian bus game is another astonishing bus simulator game that can be played on your android device. As the name suggests this game is built in a completely Indian environment. Backgrounds, graphics, and gameplay experience in this simulator game match the real-world experience of an Indian bus driver, who enjoys almost everything during his travel. This game is developed by Horixon gaming studio. It is rated with a nice 3.8 stars in the google play store and has more than 1 million plus downloads.

Realistic 3d graphics with Indian background make this gameplay very much familiar and realistic for you.

World bus driving simulator

world bus driving simulator

This is one of the best bus simulator games for android. This game is freely available on the google play store with a nice rating of 4.1 stars and more than 10 million downloads worldwide. The bus simulator game is sized about 578 MB. due to high-quality graphics, realistic audio effects, and mesmeric background, the game is very much addictive. you can engage here as the first driver and hire a new driver along with your journey to drive your bus. buses are highly customizable, maps are pretty neat and clean, controls are quite handy and gameplay is too much smooth. along with driving the game features many other activities like playing as co-driver, and animated passengers. You can also stop anywhere on the road, get out of your bus and participate in some fun activities.

So this was a list of the most recommended and best bus simulator games for android users to play in 2022. This list is enough for most casual game players. But if you are not satisfied with this list, then you can also try your way to discover many more other bus simulator games in the google play store. If you are an iPhone user, you same games are available on the apple app store with the same name.


Which bus simulator game is most realistic?

Ans: You will find every game mentioned in this list to be realistic. But if you can make these games more realistic by choosing maps and other criteria matching your real world.

Can simulator games be played without the internet?

Ans: Yes! You can play simulator games without the internet once you download the required files to run the game.

Are these games addictive?

Ans: Yes! Some of the simulator games are addictive like all other games.

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