Set the bar high: Get the best soundbar under 5000

Have you ever felt that the movie you are watching on your TV can’t be enjoyed to the fullest? We are telling you the reason. It is its sound quality.

As the thickness of the TVs is reducing day by day with the integration of smart TVs, the sound quality is degrading. It’s enjoyable while you watch normal TV programs, but not while watching a movie or playing a game. The speakers are not up to the mark. But we have a solution for this. That is “Soundbars”.

This is not just for good sound quality but its texture will boost the aesthetics of your room as well.

But what if you are confused about what is the best soundbar under 5000? Don’t stress. We’ve figured that out and shortlisted some of the best soundbars under 5000 in India for you. We’ll cover you with the features, and the limitations of each.

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The Best Soundbar Under 5000 in India

We have enlisted the best soundbar under 5000 in India and you can directly go to Amazon to buy them at a great price.

About The Soundbars

Now let’s come to the part where we’ll discuss the features, why you should go for the particular best soundbar under 5000, and why you can avoid it. So let’s start.

Xiaomi MI Soundbar:

Xiaomi and electronic gadgets have become synonymous in India. Whenever Xiaomi launches its products, they do it at its best. And this MI soundbar is another example of this.

This soundbar has an extraordinary quality of sound and an elegant design that perfectly fits your room. This level of performance is not usually expected from a soundbar at this price level. And that makes it the best soundbar under 5000 in India.

But there is a drawback of this product, which is the absence of remote control and subwoofer.


  • The frequency range of 50 Hz to 25000 Hz.
  • 8 sound drivers.
  • Bluetooth version 4.2.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Multiple connectivity options.
  • Minimalistic design.


  • Lacks subwoofer.
  • Doesn’t have a remote control.

Boat Avante Bar 1160:

One thing we all must agree, Boat has revolutionized the sound system industry in India. And the quality they provide at a low price range, it’s next to none. And this boat Avante Bar 1160 is another one to join the list of amazing products from the boat.

The product comes with amazing designs, multiple connectivity options, and lightweight, and remote control features. And it’s able to produce the sound of 60 Watts. And all these are enough to make us consider it the best soundbar under 5000 in India.


  • The frequency range of 55 Hz to 20 KHz.
  • Bluetooth version 4.2
  • AUX and USB are supported.
  • Deep bass boosted sound.
  • Easy to connect.
  • Great design.
  • Remote control.
  • Different modes such as news, movies, music, etc are available.


  • The remote is a bit fragile.

Boat Avante Bar 1198:

As you can see another product from Boat is on our list. Their back-to-back entry shows why they are still the no. 1 in this industry.

This is a very similar product to the previous one but with some more premiums. It’s a 2.2-channel soundbar with multiple connectivities. But the Bluetooth version is upgraded to that of Bar 1160, its version 5.0. The upward-facing speakers help to spread the sound. And this bar also has active subwoofers.


  • 45 Hz to 20kHz frequency range.
  • 2 channel.
  • Styled design with a premium finish.
  • Signature bass-boosted sound built-in in active subwoofers.
  • Various entertainment modes.
  • Easy to control and set up.


  • The only drawback is, this product slightly crosses the price limit of Rs. 5000.

Portronics Sound Slick II:

You are probably surprised by a product from a not-so-known company and raise questions about it. But once you know about the features, you’ll be clear why it is none the less than the best soundbar under 5000 in India.

The soundbar provides you with a sound of up to 40 W power and also is remote-controlled. This bar is super light and made with metal and plastics.

But the only drawback is the absence of a subwoofer.


  • 40 W sound.
  • Bluetooth version 4.2 connectivity.
  • Compatible with SD card, AUX cable, pen drive, etc as well.
  • Remote control.
  • Easy to control.
  • Great and aesthetic design.


  • No subwoofer is available.
  • The remote is not that durable.

Philips Audio HTL1045/94:

Last but not least, the best soundbar under 5000 in India is this amazing product from Philips.

This soundbar comes with HDMI ARC support and a super cool design of the metal body. It can provide 45 W sound and has multiple connectivities as well. But the best thing about it is you can also control it with physical buttons as well as with your TV remote.


  • 45 Watt sound.
  • Bluetooth version 5.0 connectivity.
  • Amazing design with a metal body.
  • Integrated wall brackets are available.
  • Multiple connectivities such as AUX, optical fiber, and USB.

But there are a few drawbacks to this product.


  • The price is a bit high. But you can get it for under 5000 on exclusive offers.

So, these were our top 5 picks for the best soundbar under 5000 in India. As the price is a big constraint, we’ve looked after it but not compromising the quality of the product.

Final Words

The demand for soundbars is rising in the market as most people are inclined toward smart TV and love to get the epic cinematic experience at home.

So, we have handpicked the best soundbar under 5000 in India and presented it to you. Keeping the price range in our mind we have picked the best products available in the market.

Hope you liked it. And please don’t forget to share your feedback with us.

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