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How to check car insurance type?

In this article, we will directly discuss the ways how to check car insurance type. Since car insurance is a beneficial prospect for every vehicle owner you must choose an insurance plan with the best insurance company which fulfills all your insurance needs. In this article, I’ll briefly cover all insurance-related topics.

How to check car insurance type by the policy?

Do you have your car policy in your hand?  Well, you are ready to go.

how to check car insurance type

Firstly, check for IDV (Insured Declared Value) as shown in the image. Here, in this case, the value is 154700.00 which means you are 100% sure that you have First Party Policy active or Comprehensive Policy. In other cases, if the Insured Declared Value is ZERO or One ( some insurance companies make the IDV one ) then this is your Third-Party Policy.

Online Methods:

Check car insurance type by Registration Number:

INSURANCE INFORMATION BUREAU OF INDIA (IIB) is an Indian government web portal through which you can check your car insurance details very easily.

Steps to check your insurance:


  • Visit IIB web portal
  • Fill up the required details Name, Mobile number, email id, address, registration number
  • Fill in the captcha and submit.

All insurance-related data will appear on your screen. If you are unable to get the required data you may search by engine number or chassis number.

Important Note: 

  • If your car is new then search by its engine number or chassis number only.
  • IID provides search results for those vehicles which are more than two months old. If your vehicle is brand new you will not get your data.
  • The data provide by IID are from 1 April 2020 onwards. In case if your vehicle doesn’t fulfill this condition you have to go offline.

Second Method to check car insurance type through Vahan e-service portal:

vahan e-service car insurance check

  • Create an account and log in to the Vahan e-service portal.
  • Enter the required information and click on search vehicle.

All the insurance-related data will appear on your screen.


Types of car insurance India:

There are mainly two types of car insurance available.

Comprehensive car insurance:

Here all kinds of financial losses to your vehicle is covered.

Third-Party Insurance:

Here all kinds of third-party liabilities are covered.


What is a Policy Number:

A policy number is a unique identification number that is provided by the insurance company to its Policy Holders. By this policy number, you can check all your policy-related details like its coverage, renewal date, etc. Remembering your policy number is always a good practice. Keep your policy details with you while driving is mandatory.

When do you need a Policy Number:

  • When you meet with an accident.
  • During police checking.
  • Updating your policy.
  • When you want to sell your car you need your policy number.

How to find insurance policy number by vehicle number:

Log in to your insurance provider company website or app. Inset Vehicle registration number and other required data and click on submit. All policy-related data including your policy number will display on your screen.


Conclusion: I guess the article “How to check car insurance type ” article is helpful to you. Please give your feedback through comments.



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