Best flight simulator games for android

Simulator games are getting more popular day by day. Along with the swift development of hardware inside android devices, the gaming experience of android users is getting better. Many new genres are getting their entry into the gaming community. Simulator game is one of the most popular gaming genres in the android platform. simulator games like bus simulators, truck simulators, and motorbike simulator games are very much popular nowadays due to their high-quality graphics and easy-to-engage gaming experience. But among all the simulator games, the most exciting and deal-breaking experience is given by Flight simulator games. There are many flight simulator games available on android platforms. Here is a list of the best flight simulator games for android for you.

Turboprop flight simulator 3d

best flight simulator games for android

This game based on real-world physics simulation is available on the google play store for download for free and its size is about 65 MB for the initial download. It is rated 4.3 stars by google users. These games can be played in three modes of military aircraft that is tactical cargo, coastguard, and spec-ops. you can act as a pilot in two regional airliners. This game also offers training missions that enable the players to learn the basics of flying, taxiing, takeoff, and landing. mission mode inside this game offers many exciting varied missions. The graphics quality is amazing. Users can interact with the planes by exploring the plane’s interior doors, cargo ramp, strobes, and main lights in first-person in most levels and free flight.

Pilots can drive ground vehicles, load, unload, and airdrop supplies and vehicles with cargo planes.

In the free flight, mode pilots can explore without restrictions or create flight routes on the map and fly in varied time-of-day settings.

Sky warriors: airplane game

This flight simulator game on android is available for free on the google play store, has a rating of 4 stars, 10 million plus downloads with an initial file size of 149 MB.

 This is a Modern war jets flight simulator game with aircraft combat gun shooting. You can Fly your favorite combat jet with simulator quality in beautiful maps, Customize your aircraft with your favorite colour.

There are three different modes of gameplay in the game. these are – a beautiful real-time six Player Deathmatches, where you can bring victory to your team by bringing down your enemies from the sky,

Skirmish is where you can fight for targets and destroy those in your way, and

Payload mode where you can defend and attack cargo planes to reach your missions or objectives of gameplay. You can enjoy operating different weapons like missiles, bombs, cluster missiles, etc. In this gameplay. This game with beautiful animated and realistic graphics is one of the best flight simulator games for android.


This best android flight simulator game is available on the google play store for free to download. This game is rated 4.4 stars in the google play store and has crossed downloads of 10 Million plus. The initial download size of this game is about 69 MB. You can build your own rocket from parts and launch your rocket into space making your gameplay more interesting. This is a game about building your own rocket from parts and launching it to explore space! This game features completely accurate rocket physics and realistically scaled planets. The graphics on this game is highly smooth. There are various planets available on this game to land on like  Mercury, and Venus, with graphics of extremely dense and hot atmospheres, Earth, Moon, Mars, Phobos which is Mars’ inner moon, with low gravity, Deimos is Mars’ outer moon, with extremely low gravity, open universe. This game is built on the basis of realistic orbital mechanics and chemistry. You can reach the orbit, and land on the Moon or Mars inside this amazing gameplay. Another feature of this game is that you can recreate your favorite SpaceX Apollo and NASA launches.

Sky combat-fighter jet game

This is an aerial battles game available in the google play store to download for free. This best flight simulator game for android is sized about 434 MB and has a rating of 4.1 stars in the google play store. Also, it has more than five million downloads alone in the play store. You can fly modern jet planes, destroy dangerous enemies and become the flying ace in this game. In this air battle simulator game, you can fly your own warplane.

The real online PVP SHOOTER Fly mood on this game allows you to fight against real players in a classic five versus five real-player situations. Amazing 3D graphics will make you feel like a pilot of a real jet plane. You can simulate More than 15 unique jet planes all with real prototypes in this best flight simulator game for android. you can also upgrade you get plane with the latest equipment, and weapons and build your own custom jet.


  1. Is all games free to download.

Ans- Yes! you can download all games for free

  1. How much ram is needed to play these games?

Ans- You can run these games in 2GB of RAM, But 4 GB Ram is good.

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