Prepared by  Montu Saikia

Section-wise model questions on Abhijnansakuntalam


1 What is a prologue?                                                                                     2

  1. Summarize the ‘Benediction’ of the play Abhijnanasakuntala. 10


Discuss how the Benediction of the play is an invocation of Lord Shiva through glorification of the eight primordial elements of the universe.

  1. What season does the Actress sing about in the Prologue? 1
  2. What are the eight primordial elements of the universe? 2
  3. Discuss how the Prologue brings on to the stage the main action of the play in Abhijnanasakuntalam. 3
  4. What, according to the director, is the actual evaluation of the performance of the actors? 2
  5. Narrate the treatment of nature in the Prologue. 10


  1. Why does the King envy the bee that disturb Sakuntala in the grove? 2
  2. When does the King make his presence before Sakuntala and her friends? Does he appear in disguise or in his own person? 2 + 1
  3. Why does Duhsanta decide to hide his royal identity before the hermit girls? 2
  4. Who were the three hermit girls that Duhsanta encounter with while approaching Kanva’s hermitage? 2
  5. What does Duhsanta ask the hermit girls making his present before them? 2
  6. Who are the parents of Sakuntala? 2
  7. What is a nymph? Name a nymph who is referred to in the course of the play. 2
  8. Who is the hermit that Duhsanta encounters first entering the grove? 1
  9. “Reference to natural scenery increases the poetic essence of the act.” Elucidate the statement with reference to the Act I of the play. 10